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Phonegap error code 1

Phonegap error code 1

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13 Dec Same issue, Mac El Capitan, PhoneGap v Creating initial "Hello World" app fails with Error Code 1. After that, trying to set a different file. 9 Feb Issue. I am getting the error message "Project create failed with code 1" when using an ID that has a dash (-) on Windows 10, with PhoneGap v This appears to have the same error message and code as #, but probably a different underlying cause since that issue was supposedly fixed in 23 Jan System Configuration. PhoneGap Desktop version. PhoneGap Mobile App version. Mobile devices & Mobile OS version. Computer OS version.

Why would phonegap not mention installing in the steps for macOS Seirra, Phonegap, Error: "Project create failed with code 1". today I started up again investigating on my old phonegap project so I updated the Phonegap Desktop application with the new version present. function success(metadata) {"Last Modified: " + metadata. modificationTime); } function fail(error) { alert(; } // Request the metadata object.

TIPS: 1) The $ symbol is used throughout this guide to indicate the command It creates a node_modules folder with the necessary code needed to run the CLI. The plugin any version not Windowsjsproj] ERROR: Error code 1 for command. 7 May The solution (a solution) for the error code 1 when using the FileTransfer object. 14 Apr the photo I get this error message: FileTransferError { code = 1; source https :// 21 Aug Cordova Media Plugin Fixed for Marshmellow. MEDIA_STARTING = 1;; Media. .."recordAudio():Audio Error: "+;. });.

19 Sep Hi there, I've tried to "merge" two examples on phonegap site for - create a file - send it to an url. After "clicked8" alert i got error "error code=1". Cordova and Ionic | PhoneGap. Cordova and PhoneGap | Ionic 1 Error: Error code 1 for command: /gradlew with args: cdvBuildDebug,-b,/ Hey, try using following code: var options = new FileUploadOptions(); options. chunkedMode=false; ventascentral.coms={ Connection: "close" }; Hope that solves . After converting the project Windows. jsproj] Command finished with error code 1: C:\Program Files.

13 May In the last days, a lot of Cordova developers that updated the Cordova platform in to the version , are facing a curious exception. However I'm getting error 1 (File not found?) and an laravel php error as error body back. I've followed Errors I get: Cordova Error Code 1. Laravel error. The image displays fine but I'm getting Null in the Error callback for the under the link Upload a File to a Remote Server with PhoneGap but I'm having the minimum-scale=1, width=device-width, height=device-height. 1 Mar PhoneGap 3 CLI Setup on Mac & Windows A simple straight forward building one of the platform error cmd command failed with exit code 1.


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